Applying for Postgraduate studies

Applying for Postgraduate studies

First: Documents required for enrollment for master's degree, diploma or registration for PhD:

1-  Original copy of Bachelor's Original copy of Bachelor's Certificate (to apply for Master's degree or Diploma) + original copy of Master's Certificate (to apply for PhD).

2-  Original copy of the certificate that shows estimations of the four years.

3-  Birth Certificate + a copy of it.

4 - Approval of workplace as for persons working for government, business sector or private sector.

5- Statement of full-time study signed by the student himself if he does not work.

6- A certificate showing his state of recruitment.

7- Four personal photos.


In case of enrollment for Biological Analysis Diploma, a student pays 1500 EGP as donation in addition to the below mentioned fees. The sum of the donation can be divided into two installments as the student would like. A student registered for PhD degree is exempted from computer fees of the first level and internet if he had passed them in the master's degree. Remark: A student must present all payment receipts to Postgraduate Studies Administration at the Faculty. The specialist employee signs on the copy of the receipt verifying that he received the original copy of the receipts. If a student does not present the receipts to Postgraduate Studies Administration before deadline, i.e. after approval of the Department for enrollment, enrollment is cancelled.

Second: Applying

1. A student or his parent gets application envelop after paying 50 EGP.

2. A student completes the attached papers that are:
a. Guidebook of enrollment for Postgraduate Studies
b. Two forms filled in by the student.
c. A statement of full-time study signed by the student who does not work.
d. A statement that the student has not gained the degree he is applying for before.
e. A statement that the student is not enrolled for the degree he is applying for in another faculty or scientific institute inside or outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
f. Notification of students address and a statement that the student will notify the Faculty if the address is changed.

3. A student presents postgraduate studies application form personally in the period determined by Faculty Administration.

4. . When presenting papers, a student comes in person and brings a file for keeping papers + four personal photos + a payment receipt of envelop + scientific professions stamps with the cost of 5 EGP.

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