Analytical Biochemistry Diploma - Aims of the Program

Aims of the Program

1.To help graduate acquire knowledge and scientific and technical skills in the field of analytical biochemistry.
2.To qualify students in biochemistry and to inform them in modern theories and technical skills in area of science according to future needs and late advancements in Egypt and worldwide.
3.To prepare students to continue higher education and research in area of analyses.
4.To provide students with basic professional, technical and academic abilities needed to qualify them for work in different fields of analytical biochemistry.
5.To add to knowledge and participate in scientific advancements in the field of analytical biochemistry through scientific research and following developments in field of science.
6.To help students acquire some general skills that develop their personal abilities.
7.To conduct experiments and explain problems related to bioanalyses.
8.To use theoretical and practical skills through learning in groups and to face problems of analyses using proper scientific approach for solving problems.
To utilize laboratory and scientific capabilities of Department of Chemistry at Faculty of Science, Tanta University, to meet requirements of this program through making use of Faculty staffs capabilities who are at the Department in addition to the possibility of using other expertise from inside and outside the University if necessary.

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