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                                                                   In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise be to God and blessings and peace be upon His Prophet. You are welcome to the site of Faculty of, one of the largest university faculties regarding numbers of students and faculty members. The Faculty includes six departments that offer nineteen academic programs. The Faculty seeks to achieve a number of goals and objectives. The first of these goals is to be distinguished in the educational process according to the national and international standards, in addition to development of scientific research system, enhancement of social participation in a way that copes with community. We have high hopes that the Faculty will make a breakthrough to realize its mission and be pioneer at the local, regional and world levels in the field of basic sciences. Furthermore, in the framework of its mission, the Faculty aims to prepare cadres that can give and innovate in areas of specializations, can enrich innovated scientific research that is supported by advanced postgraduate programs, take part in community service, and make distinctive social partnerships taking into account requirements of comprehensive quality in order to keep academic accreditation. Hopefully, Allah will guide us to the right way

Prof./ Tarek Mustafa Mohammed Abdel Ali

Email:                                                                                                   mailto:tarek.ali@science.tanta.edu.eg

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