Faculty Objectives

Faculty of Science is committed to improve and develop its strategy and systems in order to be able to achieve its objectives and ensure the efficiency of its educational programs sustainably. Upon its mission, the Faculty objectives are:

  • 1-The Faculty is committed to maintain and develop its strategic plans in order to attract new excellent students and graduates by offering educational programs which are based on the needs of the labor market, providing student subsidy and distinguished educational facilities and giving opportunities for selection and flexibility in its programs.
  • 2-The Faculty aims at developing its orientations in order to present high-quality education through technological aids that meet the diverse requirmenets of students.
  • 3-The Faculty is committed to achieve a distinguished progress in the research area, depending on its internationally recognized teaching staff members and through encouraging scientific research culture by supporting all that is distinguished. Moreover, the Faculty is dedicated to achieve the best investment for scientific research in order to develop the community at the local, national and regional levels.
  • 4-The Faculty is committed to be an institution with high-quality administrative systems cinsistent with the benchmarks of good performance practices through developing its flexible and transparent administrative system and working with a budget suitable for an institution that has a good financial administration.
  • 5-The Faculty is also dedicated to improve itself as a higher education and research institution in Tanta University and Delta and develop its role as a cultural centre at the local, national and regional levels for the favor of the academic, local, national and regional communities. Furthermore, the Faculty performance would be monitored through establishing an internal quality system.