Study System and Curricula

Upon Faculty of Science Suggestion, Tanta University grants the following postgraduate diplomas:

1- Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

2- Diploma in Applied Chemistry

3- Diploma in Applied Geology

4- Diploma in Terrestrial Nature

 5- Diploma in Microbiology

 6- Diploma in Applied Entomology

 7- Diploma in Medical Entomology

 8- Diploma in Biological Analyses
In order to register in any of the postg raduate diplomas, the student has to have Bachelor of Science in Science from any of the Egyptian universities or any equivalent scientific degree from other scientific institute recognized by the University.
It is allowed to register students who have Bachelor of Science from any other faculties in some of the postgraduate diplomas upon the rules governing each diploma.

Rules for applying to Registration in Diploma

Rules for applying to Registration in Masters

Rules for applying to Registration in PhD