• The number of apologies became unlimited after the Constitutional Court had issued the ruling that the second paragraph of article 80 of the executive bylaw of Universities Organization.

• The first and second apologies are under authority of Faculty Council, while the rest of apologies are under authority of University Council.

• An apology for not taking the exam of one subject, a term or two terms is counted as one apology. • A student pays tuition fees.

• An apology is presented before the exam, during the exam or immediately after the exam and is related to a compelling excuse as follows:

*Case of death
*Chronic disease
*Emergent accident
*Admission in a public hospital
*Emergent surgery

• This excuse is ratified according to a report sanctioned by the specialized medical committee at Faculty of Medicine.  


 Enrollment Suspension

1. It is identified in the stipulation of article 69 and decree of University Council. 2. Its cases are:

3. A student does not pay the tuitions fees.

- Recruitment

- Being summoned

- Long illness

- Detention or imprisonment The procedures previously mentioned in the health excuse in case of enrollment suspension for illness are applied.